One day Marianne woke up and she felt that she had to write something down. She wrote the text below. It was about three years before she met Andreas.
A few years later, when Andreas suddenly appeared in her life, this text turned out to be completely correct for both of them. After they managed to find each other back, they took a step further in manifesting. They left everything behind in Belgium to realize their common dream on a special island.

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About half a century
an inner knowing
a feeling
Somewhere on this earth there is the lost piece
I carry a memory of an inseparable state of being,
of an unscathed soul
On the one hand, there is great confidence that one day it will spontaneously appear
sincere reunification, led by God
but sometimes there is also the gnawing impatience
the ego that tells me to fight against the darkness of not being whole
a period of deep sorrow, loneliness and reflection
before something very special comes
I'm the silver screen and this is where my life takes place
One day, heaven and earth suddenly move
an unexpected encounter, a dizzying blow
so obvious, a familiar feeling from long ago
My ego gives up the fight exhausted, I let the light flow in
The last piece of the puzzle that makes an immense difference
You hide your face
but I see who you are
My heart makes a big leap into the temple in which my soul is dwelling
Love now flows into my heart and into every cell of my body
I see a beautiful soul
I hear angels singing
I smell purity
I feel fusion
I taste my own salty tears of happiness
A soul love that transcends the individual
for the benefit of the big picture
No more division,
no more fear of being separated once again
in the knowing
in the feeling
that you will always be present
an eternal connection, wherever you are
I feel what you feel
I think what you think
We are formed from the substance
of one and the same soul
Now reconnected, inhaling the same air
A love, so intense and deep
that it transcends human understanding
Pure soul recognition, breaking down all mental barriers
This is transcending the rational
I don't need to understand anymore.
I accept not knowing
in gratitude for me being whole.

Marianne Vanrutten