“Sometimes you get the oyster, sometimes you get the pearl. If you don’t make the dive, you won’t get either” (S. Gale)

Who is Marianne?


Marianne is an enthusiastic and idealistic friend of people, animals and nature. Her infectious lust for life and special resilience are inspiring to people. Her mission is: to guide people with great respect in their process of self-acceptance and self-love, including by showing them how to change “weakness” into strength.

Thanks to Marianne’s knowledge by her own life experience as a very highly sensitive person, through years of study and through her work as a holistic therapist, she made a blessing of what was initially a “curse” for her. In her life it is very important that she is able to go to bed in the evening with her mind in peace.


After a bumpy life path with many tough challenges, she can now proudly say that she has found that inner peace. After all, she has discovered several ways in her life to calm her mind. Art and creativity played and still play a very important role in her own growth process. Marianne sings, dances, writes, paints, cooks, … she is always being creative.


”When I see the colors of my paint mingling on the canvas while I’m singing an area, the tears roll down my cheeks. The good-feeling hormones then yawn through my body, a very special energy flows through me, it seems as if everything is taken over from me, I let myself be carried away, I am channel, I am whole and connected (…)” Marianne

As an artist, she translates the special messages of her soul into paintings (acrylic and oil paint), into ceramic works of art and into the texts she writes.

As a musician she expresses her deepest feelings through singing and dance (oriental belly dance, salsa).

Her strong connection with nature also makes her happy. Also due to yoga, she leads a beautiful and powerful life

One of Marianne’s greatest passions is travelling. As a volunteer, she has discovered other cultures in many places in the world. For example, the bedouin life she led in the Jordanian and Egyptian desert was an unforgettable and rich experience. And her stay in Amma’s ashram in India has also accelerated her process of self-realization. On one of her last trips as a volunteer, she discovered the Canary Islands. And in this fantastic high energy place, she got stuck …

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