For whom?

You want a quiet holiday, far away from hotels and mass tourism.

You need rest and timeout.

You’re looking for peace within yourself.

You want a carefree week at a high energy place.

You need to relax.

You need time for yourself to sort things out.

You need insights.

You want to work on consciousness, self-awareness.

You want to create space in which new things can be born.

You’re single, but you don’t like to travel alone.

You are stuck in your relationship(s).

You need answers about your relationship, individually or together with your partner (couples are also welcome of course).

You want to make an inner journey with professional guidance.

You want to develop your intuition.

You are looking for trust, connection, safety, cosiness in a cordial family atmosphere.

You’re stuck in your job.

You have (had) a burnout or a bore-out.

You are grieving and you want to be guided in this process.

You want to get out of your depression.

You are looking for a destination where you can regularly return to, to work on yourself (after all, each time the program is adjusted to your specific needs at that moment).

You’re willing to say „yes“ to a totally new „you.“

. . .

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