“All answers can be found in the infinite silence of yourself.” (Andreas)

Who is Andreas?


Due to his high sensitivity and his highly developed intuition, Andreas is able to give people clear insights in their current situation, in their life questions in general, or he gives them just that little push if they are stuck on their life path.

As a catalyst for innovation and transformation, he exposes what has not yet been seen or felt. The beautiful thing is that he doesn't have to make an effort. By just being himself with his strong listening and empathetic ability, people soon feel a certain peace descending to themselves.

In the last years Andreas has studied family constellations and Inner Child therapy. These methods facilitate the recognition of the cause and background of physical or emotional symptoms, to put them in the right context and to release them in an effective way.

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With the insights gained, people find inner peace and remember which beautiful soul, what a beautiful person and a unique being they are. They may shine and face life with confidence in love and happiness.